WWII Ike Jacket 10th Mountain Division Conversion

WWII Ike Jacket 10th Mountain Division Conversion


This WWII Ike jacket transformation is one that has been an exercise in education about WWII and the 10th Mountain Division.

The 10th Mountain Division was formed in 1941 and sent to Italy when the US Army identified that it needed an elite winter-warfare force to fight in the Italian mountains. 

77 years ago Senator Bob Dole was a part of this infantry.

There is a book about this infantry called Climb to Conquer by Peter Shelton:

‘World War II brought a need for men who could handle extreme mountainous conditions -- and the elite 10th Mountain Division was born. Everything about it was unprecedented: It was the sole U.S. Army division trained on snow and rock, the only division ever to grow out of a sport.’ It lead as he put it ‘to the ultimate revolution it inspired in American outdoor life.’

This jacket had two pockets that were incorporated under the flap. The lining from the interior was used on the interior flap of the bag.

The strap is made from Hermann Oak Leather stained with African Tree Bark and water.

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