Our Mission


Utilization of excess, meaningful military gear to be repurposed by veterans and their families.

A healing and honoring fusion of threads as a path to stitching peace and bridging the gaps that exist in the civilian understanding of our military.

25% of profits are deposited into a general fund that is given back to the veteran community with an approved activity list voted on by those that have donated as to how the funds are used within the organization.

Materials will be recycled to patch together stories told by the veterans that wore them or by their families on the veterans behalf. They are carefully crafted into messenger bags to be carried in civilian life by the supporter of the cause as a bridge to help fuse our veterans and their experiences into civilian society while honoring their service and sacrifices.

For those who choose to share their story, the bag will have a QR code patched inside to the blog address that honors the story the veteran tells along with a small excerpt, name and rank. They will also have a dog tag on the exterior with this information. All interviews will be approved by the veteran prior to publishing.

With the 25% fund we will be holding volunteer events, community building activities, wellness and health workshops along with going through the process for selected veterans stories to be inducted into the Library of Congress to further expand this community.

This is a mission we chose to do as a family with many veterans throughout generations having provided service to our military. My dad is a veteran, now retired he volunteers for the Honor Guard and at the VA hospital as a driver taking them to events and on lunch dates. My mom, also retired volunteers for the hospice for veterans and their families in Prescott, Arizona. We hope you find a connection with our purpose.

Thank you for your interest in our mission.

For inquiries:

Email jes@soulcareinsurplus.com