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transforming salvaged military gear

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american threads

Decommissioned, transformed and back in action with a new purpose.

Stitch by stitch. Transformed stories delivered by a messenger of unity. Each one of a kind. Yet each one connected to our carefully crafted patchwork Constitutional Republic.

This is SoulCare in Surplus.

highest Quality

The meticulous detail that goes into our work is evident in each of our transformations. This is a craft that is handled by skill, art and heartfelt design. Keeping the integrity of the materials while telling the history of the threads that connect us.


stitching together american threads


"such an incredible execution of an amazing idea."

— Designer Treasure Hunt

crafting community wellness


Sustainability meets purpose

“SoulCare in Surplus’ new bag line upcycles military uniforms into on-trend messenger style bags. It is a textile project combining sustainability, purpose and unquestionably using fashion for good. Not only do they tell a powerful story, but they are decreasing the ever growing burden of textile waste by salvaging fabric that already exists.”

  • Green Living Magazine